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Customer Obsession at RetailDetail2018

Today, being customer oriented is not enough anymore: Customer obsession is a key asset for companies to keep their competitive advantage.

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total cost of ownership _Fybox

Lightboxes – save money with a total cost of ownership approach

Total cost of ownership: you must consider the initial investment, the costs of maintenance, the project management and much more

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The Belgian chocolate house - FyBox - lightbox

Retailers and customer experience

Based on studies, one purchase out of two is impulsive. As online purchases are developing importantly, the physical store must optimize the customer experience.

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John Rollier FyBox China

FyBox the Sino-Belgian startup

Expatriation is a dream project for many, but not everyone takes the big step. John Rollier left a comfortable corporate job to taste the entrepreneurial adventure in China in 2007 with a few suitcases and his wife. He came back to Belgium 5 years later to develop his start-up.

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Fybox Team building

Team building

Team building is a well-known exercise in most companies as it increases the individual motivation of the employees and improves the individual motivation of the employees. FyBox experienced a new trending team building activity: the escape game.

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