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August 27th 2021,


Gleam Gallery is an online platform founded to promote the emerging art scene, using lightboxes as medium. This medium has been borrowed from contemporary art exhibitions. Gleam tries to keep distance from decoration or traditional forms of photography presentation.

Their mission is to generate a more democratic stream within the art market, both for artists and art buyers.

Gleam Gallery provides an affordable marketplace and supports structure for a distinctive and engaging program, with a focus on community building around undiscovered or/and recognized talents and art-lovers.

Contrary to the sometimes inaccessible circuit of art galleries, we are open to submissions. Each application will be assessed by the site’s artistic team.


Artist Photograher Mireille Roobaert

Credit Picture : the Artist Photograher Mireille Roobaert


Since 2008, Fybo Belgium sprl (Mother Company) is committed and specialized in design, manufacturing and import of indoor sign displays under the commercial name ‘Fybox’ for the BtB market.

In 2021, a new adventure is starting for our team, with Gleam Gallery, adding us the BtC channel, on an artistic level.


Copyright 2021, Fybo Belgium sprl/bvba

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