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What is a lightbox

A light box is a lighted display panel used for advertising , visual merchandising or decoration purposes. The efficiency of light boxes improved dramatically after the introduction of LED technology. The user inserts a HD printed graphic, which can be changed easily. At FyBox we use a laser cut diffusion panel that guarantees a uniform light distribution. Furthermore, we provide state of the LEDs that provide excellent illumination, long life span and a low power consumption.

The Belgian Chocolate House - FyBox - visual merchandising
Denham - FyBox - lightbox

Experts in lightbox for visual merchandising

FyBox provides a one stop shop with a proven track record and useful tools for retail communication, visual merchandising and interior decoration. Moreover, the main objective of FyBox is to help creating outstanding atmospheres with impressive visuals. In order to reach this goal, we only work with the best technologies to provide very sharp HD prints and the best possible uniform backlight in our panels.

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A global solution

The FyBox products and online platform suit the needs of medium size to large premium retailers with a global network of point of sales (stores) in several cities and countries. Furthermore, the FyBox light box solution allows our clients to simplify their operations with regards to project management, logistics follow-up and on-site installation of their display signs. In essence, our clients will save money on their day-to-day operations. In addition, FyBox can help its clients with the worldwide shipping strategy and creation of new content for seasonal communication campaigns.

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FyBox signifie intérieur

As a summary, FyBox stands for outstanding interior design, high quality indoor signs and state of the art operations.


Denham round logo FyBox

FyBox is a reliable Light Box partner, providing us a global solution for our international multi-shops roll-out campaigns. 

– Gabriela Puig-Soleille | Architect 

Denham the Jeanmaker

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