The FyBox online space

Integrated online platform

Fybox allows you to see all your lightboxes installed in your worldwide network of point of sales. This is possible thanks to our integrated online platform. The platform is unique and has been developed in-house taking into account several years of market feedback from our existing clients.

The platform is a secured database containing all useful data about our lightboxes: dimensions, installation date, location, etc. The very intuitive and user-friendly interface makes the platform easy to use. Our clients can then manage the renewal of one or hundreds of FyBox printed textiles spread over several cities and countries.

Online platform _ FyBox
Online platform _ FyBox

A time saving lightbox management

The system validates automatically the printing files size, resolution and delivery addresses. The automated process ensures a 100% error-proof process management avoiding costly errors, and thus saving time and money.

After online validation of your orders, your job is done and the production and logistics follow automatically.

Online solution

Every client account has a secured and private access. The client admin can define different user & roles based on the way of working: project managers, third party users, communication agencies, etc.

The platform will adapt to your day-to-day organization and stakeholders.

Content Management has never been so easy.

Indeed, you can select the lightboxes that are concerned by the renewal in a few clicks, wherever they are.

The next step is selecting the desired installation date in order to avoid any confusion when the printed textiles are delivered in the point of sales.

Upload your new printing files following the instructions on the platform by a simple drag and drop. You can also delegate a colleague or third-party partner to  handle the uploads directly on the platform for you.

During the upload phase the FyBox platform will validate that the printing requirements such as size and resolution are met. In other words, there are no mistakes possible anymore.

Once an order is approved by the project manager it will go automatically into production at our printing facility. All orders have unique ID numbers for easy follow-up for the logistics tracking, change orders, invoicing, etc.

Global reports of your latest activity are available and make the whole process crystal clear.

Thanks to our extensive database, you know very accurately where every one of your lightboxes is installed. Moreover, managing all different sizes of lightboxes remains very easy thanks to the automated system.

As every point of sale also has predefined delivery addresses, we deliver new visuals to all your stores, wherever they are.

Online Space _ FyBox _ platform

The unique FyBox Online Space is what will make you LOVE working with us.


International Duty Free logo FyBox

User-friendly and intuitive, with the FyBox online platform, we save a lot of time, money and useless stress every week.

– Sofie Mollekens | Marketing Manager

International Duty Free Belgium

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