The benefits of teambuilding

Teambuilding is a well-known exercise in most companies. From sport activities to after-work drink, passing through fancy dinners, concerts, paintball or indoor games, these activities are essential as they bring lots of positive effects. First of all, they help increase the individual motivation of the employees as it creates a positive, enthusiastic and non-threatening atmosphere at work. But it also improves the team’s productivity and efficiency. Indeed, most of these activities allow you to identify the team’s strengths and weaknesses, which you can later work on and help you adjust your leadership decisions according to them. Furthermore, these bonding activities also create a trusting sphere which enhance communication and respect.

These last years, a new team building activity has become famous: the escape game. Located in various cities, these games are organised around various themes. The goal is simple: get out of a room in a predetermined period of time. Various clues and keys are found in the room along the activity, bringing you closer to the exit. For most of the steps and in order to resolve the different clues, team members need to collaborate, communicate a lot and trust one each other. The FyBox team decided to test such a game in Antwerp for its end year team building. It definitely was a great experience. This funny and constructive activity has motivated and strengthened the whole FyBox team for the coming year!

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